Over the past several years, my goal has been to blur and ultimately break down the delineations between genres. I have loved almost any musical style I've been exposed to, and thus could never understand why folks would dismiss one style and cling to another. Under more careful inspection, these styles are all interrelated, borrowing from and building on each other.

Seemingly unrelated, I find great inspiration in politics, science, love, rationality, history, the written word, and so on. What I am advocating for, then, is a better marriage of traditionally non-musical subjects with music of all styles; a "unity of knowledge"-type approach to composition. The goal is to not prioritize or value any one aspect of the compositional process or final creation over any other aspect; to ultimately have, for instance, a piece of music about which the subject is no more important than the instruments it's being played on, which is no more important than the styles it draws on, etc.

I realize this is a lofty goal, and I don't expect to achieve it perfectly any time soon (if ever). But we all must strive for something.